Balloon decor is one of the most popular decor options for parties, events and special occasions - and with good reason! Balloon installations have the power to transform a room or space into a beautiful backdrop or focal point for your event. Our organic balloon garlands usually consist of a combination of 3 balloon sizes.
We offer two types of balloon garlands; grab and go or installed on site. Grab and go garlands are literally just that; you pick your colours and your length and we construct the garland in store ready for you to collect. You then simply install the garland at your chosen location with our instructions and tools.
Garlands installed on site are more popular as we take all stress away for your event. We discuss colours, sizing, add ons and installation location (e.g: indoors, outdoors, on a wall or on a backdrop). We arrive at your venue at an agreed time and we install the garland. We then add extras were extras needed to be added and you do not have to lift a finger.
Price Guide:
Standard Colours: From £55 per metre*
Custom Colours: From £70 per metre*
(*Please note additional charges may apply depending on installation location)
To book your balloon garlands, please email us stating ALL of the below information:
- Balloon colours
- Garland size (minimum 3metres)
- Garland installation
- Extras (do you require orbz/florals etc)
Please note that we only travel and install garlands measuring 3m and above. Garlands under this size are available for grab and go. Prices are exclusive of potential travel charges.