Balloon Garlands - Grab & Go

How does a 'Grab & Go' balloon garland work?
We construct the garland in-store so all you need to do is literally grab and go! By choosing a grab and go garland, you save a lot of money by not paying for the sometimes applicable delivery charges that we have to charge for deliveries - including the dreaded congestion fee. We also incorporate installation fees into our pricing and we also have a minimum spend for some areas. You get to skip ALL of this but still manage to have a professionally created balloon garland for your event and you get to choose a size that is suitable for you!

Our grab and go garlands are easy to hang but we advise to use two people to hang it if you're not feeling confident. Before attaching the hooks to the wall. Hold up your garland in the desired position and make note of where the hooks need to go. Secure your hooks to the wall and use the attached stretchy balloons to 'tie' your garland to the wall. Voila! All done!