What are your opening times?
Wednesday 12pm - 5pm
Thursday & Friday 10am to 5:30pm
Saturday 10:30am to 6:30pm
Sunday 11am to 3:30pm
What are custom balloon colours?
Custom balloon colours are colours that aren't readily available to buy as a single balloon. We create colours by putting one balloon inside the other and inflating it to create a bespoke colour. For example, to create pastel pink, we would put pink inside white to create a solid creamy pastel colour. Most of the nude balloons you see in our displays are custom colours. For custom colours we charge an increased price as we use twice the amount of balloons and it takes a lot more work.
Do you ship inflated balloons?
Not presently however this is due to change in the near future.'s
Do you offer delivery?
On occasion we may be able to offer delivery. Please email info@partycrasherslondon.co.uk for more information.
I would like to request a graveside balloon for a bereaved relative. Can you assist?
Please contact us by email info@partycrasherslondon.co.uk for more information.
How long will my latex helium balloons last?
We now treat ALL of our single layer latex balloons with hi-float solution for the same price meaning you get more for you're money! 
For 11 inch latex balloons, hi-float extends the float time from 12 hours+ to 3 days+. Balloons must be kept in a warm place to achieve the maximum float time.  Please note that exact float times depends on atmospheric conditions and temperature so we cannot guarantee exact float times. We CANNOT use hi-float in custom or latex confetti balloons and these will always last 12-24 hours. 
How long will my foil helium balloons last?
Foil balloons hold helium very well as they're non porous; so out of all balloons, these will usually float the longest!
For 26 inch, 34 inch & 40 inch foil balloons, the average float time varies but lasts up to around 5-7 days; longer depending on temperature and atmospheric conditions. Please note that exact float times depends on atmospheric conditions and temperature so we cannot guarantee exact float times.
How long will my personalised bubble balloons last?
For 20 inch bubble balloons, the float time is usually 5-10 days.
For 24 inch bubble balloons the float time is usually 10 days to 5 weeks.
Please note that exact float times depends on atmospheric conditions and temperature so we cannot guarantee exact float times.
How long will my air filled balloons last?
Air filled balloons are the longest lasting out of all balloon options. We once had a balloon bouquet in our shop window for over 6 weeks and it still looked flawless when we removed it!
I need to hide my balloons, can I leave them in the car or garage?
No. Please do not leave the balloons in a car overnight as this will affect the quality, appearance and the float time. 
Can I put my balloons outside?
Balloons should not be exposed to extreme temperatures. Balloons are comfortable at room temperature - they told me that themselves!
When I take my foil balloons outside in the cold, it looks like they have started to deflate. Is this normal?
This is totally normal and the balloons definitely aren't deflating so don't throw them away! Foil balloons will shrivel up in the cold but will plump back out once you bring them indoors to comfortable room temperature. Be sure to get them out of the cold as soon as possible.
  Can I shop in-store?
Yes! You can however still take full advantage of our click & collect service. This is the most convenient way to shop as it ensures that you're able to reserve your balloons sooner rather than later.
How do I transport my balloons?
Do not leave balloons in a hot or cold car with all windows closed. Do not expose balloons to extreme heat or extreme cold. Keep sharp objects and bouncy pets away from balloons. Handle balloons gently and carefully. Do not put them in a full boot.
My helium balloon popped after I left the store; can I get a refund?
Once a balloon leaves the store, we are unable to offer a refund unless there is an evident quality issue from our end. We carry out a quality control check on all balloons before they leave the store.
How come your balloons float for so long?
We use 100% helium in all of our balloons which is why we are renowned for longer than usual float times. We would rather not use a cheaper helium mix, as we enjoy having our balloons float for as long as possible. Who doesn't!?
A balloon I really wanted is out of stock. When will you be restocking?
We restock daily so please drop us an email stating the specific item so that we can try to prioritise this for you.
Can I purchase tableware and candles?
Yes! You can purchase these online or you can shop in-store too. We also have a beautiful range of luxury tableware available in-store.
Do you sell balloons for inhalation?
No. Non. Nein. Nee. 番号. Nope.